Our Services


We can help your law firm with your criminal or civil cases by interviewing witnesses, validating their statements, and finding other witnesses to support your case.

Criminal Investigations

We can search for evidence to determine if a crime has taken place, and who has committed the crime, or we can gather evidence of a wrongful accusation of a crime.

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Stalking
  • Rape
  • Extortion
  • Homicide

Locating Services

We can help you find missing persons - clients, witnesses, family members, parents, children, or friends. We search locally, nationally, and internationally.

Domestic Investigations

We can investigate matters concerning the safety and welfare of your family and other close relations. We collect enough information to prove or disprove your concerns.

  • Child negligence or abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Elder negligence or abuse
  • Hidden asset and property concerns
  • Identity theft
  • Identity verification 
  • Locating lost friends or relatives
  • Prenuptial and premarital questions or concerns
  • Slander and defamation
  • Stalking
  • Substance abuse issues

Background Checks

We can search into a person's background to uncover potential red flags. It can be a simple and recent background check or can go back many years. It can involve phone references or interviews.

  • Employment history
  • Character reference
  • Academic or professional qualifications and licensing
  • Criminal searches
  • Civil litigation history (liens and judgments)
  • Social media serches
  • Asset report (real estate, vehicles, recreational crafts, bankruptcies)
  • Business searches (affilations, board of directorships)
  • Driving history
  • AOE/COE (arise out of employment/course of employment)


Surveillance is a valuable tool used to provide documentation regarding the subject's employment, level of social or recreational activity to make informed decisions during a course of dispute or claim. Seeing is believing.

  • Track record of 100% admittance of evidence.
  • Trial experienced.
  • Mindful of an individual's reasonable expectation of privacy and strict trespassing laws.
  • Mindful of litigation process and what a judge or jury will think so as not to jeopardize the integrity of the case.
  • Understanding of client's needs with a collaborative approach.
  • Clear lines of communication with daily updates.