The NICB estimates that workers compensation and personal injury fraud costs the insurance industry over 10 billion dollars a year. More than one third of workers said it was acceptable to stay out of work and collect benefits even though their doctors approved their return to work. A ninety-five percent likelihood of returning to work after one month is reduced to a ten percent chance after nine months. More than forty percent of insurers stated that they felt they were spending more money to fight possible fraud even though they felt that their efforts were only moderately effective.


Do your firm's objectives include any of the following?

  • Increase profitability by reduction of fraudulent and padded claims
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency in determining the validity of claims
  • Obtain credible, concise, clear, reports and testimony that can stand up to cross examination


Our insurance investigative services include:

  • Workplace compensation
  • Auto liability and personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • AOE/COE (Arise out of employment/course of employment)
  • Disability
  • General liability
  • Property theft or fire
  • Locating clients or witnesses


With over 30 years of experience investigating thousands of questionable claims, we are able to provide comprehensive, confidential results to our clients. Our experience is validated by the significant cost savings we have generated for our clients.