At Insight Investigative Services, LLC, we love to let our quality, reliability and customer care speak for itself. However, for those of you who haven't worked with us yet, we'd like to share comments we've received from our customers. Provide your own feedback to us here; we'd love to hear from you!

"We empolyed Rob's services in a very difficult medical malpractice case where we believed the plaintiff had exaggerated his disabilities. rob's diligence in obtaining surveillance showing the plaintiff engaged in a number of strenuous activities made a tremendous impact upon our ability to defend the claim. We were very pleased with his efforts.

Ratrick T. O'Rourke
Montgomery Little & McGew, P.C.

"Rob's experience and commitment to quality service has provided my clients with critical evidence in many cases and significant litigation cost savings."

Fotios "Fred" Burtzos, Esq.
Paul Edwards & Associates

"Mr. Garza's investigation experience, diligent efforts, and detailed reporting, provided the necessary and critical information on one case that resulted in a savings of over $500,000 and a criminal conviction for the State of Wyoming."

Ken Spurrier, Director
Special Investigations Unit
State of Wyoming

". . . when I have needed surveillance and investigative services done quickly, professionally and cost-effectively, I have called upon you first. I am entirely pleased with the work that you have performed for me, and it has greatly assisted me in protecting my clients' interests."

Kurt Christian Temple, Esq.

"As a claims adjuster for 5 years, I have used numerous investigative firms but not have been able to produce more results than Rob. He always makes time to visit our office and ensure my satisfaction level is at a maximum. I can't think of a more thorough, detail-oriented individual with who to entrust my time-sensitive cases!"

Alex April, Liability Administrator
ELCO Administrative Services

"Rob worked under my supervision as a Field investigator from approximately 1993 until June 2003. His position as an investigator required him to investigate workers compensation and liability claims. Rob's responsibilities included, but were not limited to, conducting research and interviews, fact checking, writing detailed reports, performing surveillance and maintaining good client relations. During the course of his employment, Rob proved himself to be an able, hard working and talented Investigator.

"As an employer, I was impressed by Rob's ability to complete all case referrals assigned to him on time, if not before they were due. His research was thorough and comprehensive, and his fact finding consistently accurate.

"I highly recommend Rob for whatever position or case referral you may have available. I strongly believe he has what it take to represent your Firm well (both in and out of court). I am sad to see him leave. He is easy to work with and a model employee."

Steven E. Schulmeister, Field Operations Manager
Kroll - InPhoto


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